Week Three of Macraband of the Week is Underway!

July 17, 2018

Macraband of the Week Style 101C - Narrow
This week we are highlighting one of the bands I love to wear, the 101C.

It’s a rich tone-on-tone blend of browns, think coffee, nutmeg, chai tea…you get the picture.  When we first created this color combination, my first reaction was yum! Ever since, I can’t seem to find a better way to describe this band without using food references, LOL.

It’s a great color combination for all seasons too, a nice neutral for the warm weather months and earthy tones for the cooler fall weather.  Winner!

The main central bead is a beautiful natural shell, so no two are bands are exactly alike and the small rust beads add a nice accent color to this Macraband.

Macraband of the Week Style 101C - WideAs with all Macrabands, the 101C is available in two widths, narrow and wide and can be purchased either with one of the watches we offer on Macraband.com or alone for a watch you already own.

Because it’s our current Macraband of the Week, it is available for 25% OFF the regular price! Simply use Discount Code 101C-8MW-XXN-1EV at checkout. Offer valid through July 22nd.

Head directly to the MOW page to purchase the 101C http://bit.ly/2K6EPs8 or check out our many other styles and color combinations here on Macraband.com