Care and Feeding

With normal use, your Macraband will last for many years and require cleaning from time to time. Keeping it clean is easy! All you need is mild soap, warm water and a soft toothbrush. As for feeding - none required!

Follow these three easy steps:
We recommend removing your watch prior to cleaning.

1. Immerse your Macraband in warm soapy water and with a soft toothbrush, brush the front and back lightly to remove any dirt from the band.

Please note: We do not recommend soaking if your band has wooden beads. Simply wet it with soapy water and brush as indicated above.

2. Rinse your Macraband thoroughly.

3. Set it to dry on a towel or if you are in a hurry use a hairdryer on a low setting.


Here's an example showing how terrific a dirty band looks after following the method described above. We only cleaned the top half so you can see how all the colors come back to life.

Macraband - Before and After Cleaning