• Macraband, the finest handmade macrame watchbands since 1978. The finest handmade macrame watch bands since 1978. We offer a wonderful selection of macrame watches. Beautiful wearable art. A Macrame watch band is a conversation starter. Our knotted watch bands are beautiful. Our knotted watchbands are super comfortable to wear.


  • “Again, I have been asked about my gorgeous watchband. I believe I have eleven of your bands!! I shared this with the gal who just asked me last week when I was in New Hampshire that I probably have had my first Macraband for about 20-25 years and it still looks brand new as I keep it clean! She is totally amazed and wishes to purchase one.”

    Betty F.
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  • “I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying my Macraband! I’ve always hated wearing a watch, but could never figure out why. After wearing my watch with your Macraband I’m convinced it was the weight of the watch that was so irritating. As a lawyer, it is important for me to keep up with my time, i.e. billable hours! You have made my life more enjoyable, not to mention beautiful! Thank you for sharing your creativity with me. Please keep me on your mailing list!”

    Janet L.
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  • “I purchased a black Macraband from you – which I just love, by the way. I told you that I had tried to find a non-leather watchband at the Animal Rights Conference, and I was able to find alternatives to leather in just about any product except watchbands. I really am thrilled with the watchband. It is classy and elegant and not leather!”

    Donna B.
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  • “I received your lovely watchband for my antique watch on 12/17. I was able to get the band through the fixed “pins” myself. It sets off the watch perfectly and fits my wrist exactly right. I couldn’t be more pleased.

    Your lifetime customer,”

    Beryl K.
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  • “It’s been two weeks since I got your band in the mail and wherever I go I get oohs and aahs and “where can I get one like it.” First of all, I must tell you that the largest ooh and aah was from me when I opened the package. I have had my watch for three years but have only loved it for two weeks!!!”

    Anna R.
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  • “There is no substitute for a Macraband and I want you to know that I’m not planning for this to be my last order!”

    Jan G.
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  • "I wish I could say this new Macraband I just received was my favorite – But they are all so wonderful it’s hard to choose. It is however my current favorite and I am enjoying all the compliments it has received. Even my jeweler, who helped clumsy me put the band on my watch couldn’t stop admiring it. Thanks so much.”

    Rochelle A.
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  • "Just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to the Mighty Macraband Team! Alice's help in the beginning of my order and Deb's kind husband helping me load my cart! It's a beautiful site with a stunning collection of amazing varied designs. So much thought, skill and planning had to go into the whole concept and smooth operation.

    It was a pleasure reading the well deserved testimonials from many appreciative fans. I am proud to be among them."

    Connie S.
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