Face Mask Testimonials

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 “I Received the face mask you made and used it yesterday. It was very comfortable and fit perfectly. It was also very pretty. I washed it after using it and it washed out beautifully. Great job!”

Lois F.

“I thought I struck gold when I discovered your amazing watchbands and watches and the loving care that goes into every aspect of your products and then you surpassed all expectations by adding to your list of products and providing beautifully handmade masks. Mine arrived today and I immediately put one of them on. They're lovely, beautifully made, comfortable and make my "new normal" a fun "fashion statement" also the fact that they're washable is an added plus. Thank you so much for your thoughtful endeavor during this particular time, it is so appreciated.”

Lynda W

 “These face masks are so cute! They fit well on my face and they are very easy to adjust. The designs are clever, solid on one side, pattern on the other. I bought the 2 pack for flexibility. When I wash one I have the other to wear. I highly recommend these masks."

Joanna V.

 “Love the Masks, So comfortable, and pretty!"

Helen M.