Macraband Mask Fabric Samples

May 06, 2020

New Fabric Colors are Available! Please contact us at and let us know the color family you are interested in!

I started making masks on a whim, thinking perhaps there were a few people in our Macraband community who could use one.  Well, it turned out that many did.  So many in fact, that I’ve been purchasing additional fabric to keep up with the demand.

After sending out an email with swatches of the new fabric, it occurred to me that the best way to keep you up to date on what fabric I have available and new fabric purchases would be to post the images here.   Check back often for changes.

There are three ways you can purchase a Macraband Mask:

  • Purchase any traditional Macraband watchband or any Macraband for Apple Watch, use discount code: MASK-25 at checkout and get 25% off your order plus a FREE handmade face mask I'm sorry, this sale has expired.
  • Purchase one Macraband Mask for $15
  • Purchase two Macraband Masks for $25 ($5 savings)

Note to Macraband fieldThe pictures below show all of the fabric I currently have available.  If you would like to select the fabric for the front of your mask (I will select a coordinating back), all you need to do is enter your TOP 3 selections into the “Note to Macraband” field in the Shopping Cart (see example to the left) when you place an order.  If I have your selections available, that is what I will use to make your mask(s).  This will be on a first-come-first served basis. Of course, you can also be surprised!

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Fabric Swatches 1-5

Fabric Swatches 6-9

Fabric Swatches 15-20

Fabric Swatches 21-24

Fabric Swatches 25-26

Fabric Swatches 27-32

 Fabric Swatches 33-36Fabric Swatches 37-39

Fabric Swatches 40-43

Fabric Swatches 44-46

Please read our COVID-19 blog post for information about the steps we are taking to keep you safe.  We will be taking the same precautionary steps with the face masks. Also check out our mask blog post to read about how to put the mask on, take it off and our recommended cleaning instructions.

Please Note: While the CDC now recommends wearing a mask in public, it is meant as a temporary solution to slow the spread of the virus.  It is NOT an N-95 mask that is worn by healthcare professionals and first responders.  It is however the type recommended by the CDC for the general public.  Please continue to follow all recommended guidelines.