Masks from Macraband

April 14, 2020

We have been sheltering in place for a month now. I’m not going to lie; it has been frustrating and challenging at times.  Both my husband Ric and I work from home so that part has not been an issue.  Not being able to go out to a restaurant or shop in stores or see our family in person… that’s been the real challenge.  I’m sure this has been difficult for you too, especially during Passover and Easter.

Going to the supermarket since the beginning, has been a tense experience for me.  I just want to get in and get out.  Right from the start, I covered my face. Now that the CDC has officially recommended wearing a mask in public and many supermarkets (at least here on Long Island) require a face covering before entering, I started making some simple, pleated face masks for my family.

Then I got to thinking, maybe some of our customers are in need of a mask. I went into my archives and pulled out all of my cotton fabric and got to work. It is a bit of a hodge-podge assortment so the mask you receive may look different than the one I am wearing in the photos.

With the purchase of any Macraband watchband (with or without a watch), including Macraband for Apple Watch, I will send you a free handmade face mask.  And by using discount code MASK-25 at checkout, you'll get 25% off your order.  I'm sorry, this sale has expired.

EDIT: Due to overwhelming demand, Masks are now available for sale separately! You can now purchase one Macraband Mask for $15 or two Macraband Masks for $25 ($5 savings).  Please see our Macraband Mask Fabric Samples post for color choices.

Putting on the Mask

Step 1: Notice there are two different fabrics used on each side.  Select the one you prefer on the outside.  With clean hands and the pleats pointing downwards, grasp the mask by the elastic.

Step 2: Slip it over your ears...

Step 3: then grasp the top and bottom by your nose and chin respectively and open it up.

That's it.

Safely Removing the Mask

To take it off, grasp the elastic around your ears and remove. Try not to touch the mask itself and immediately put it into the laundry. It is very important to wash it after each use to ensure that no germs are transmitted. 

Also, please do not turn it over to the other side and wear it a second time before washing. Any contaminants that are on the outside of the mask will now be touching your face. Not good.

Cleaning is easy: place in a mesh bag and simply toss it in your laundry on a gentle cycle and dry on low or hand wash in hot soapy water.

See our COVID-19 blog post to learn about the steps we are taking to keep you safe.

** For health reasons, masks are not returnable. **

Please Note: While the CDC now recommends wearing a mask in public, it is meant as a temporary solution to slow the spread of the virus. It is NOT an N-95 mask that is worn by healthcare professionals and first responders. It is however the type recommended by the CDC for the general public. Please continue to follow all recommended guidelines.