Watches are Here!

October 01, 2017

We have heard from many of you asking for the ability to purchase a Macraband with a watch. We are very happy to announce that we are now offering a carefully curated collection of beautiful watches that complement our Macraband watchbands. From vintage to modern, casual to sporty, in silver and gold, this diverse collection of watches will provide you with a large variety of choices to suit your tastes.

How Does it Work?

We’ve added a new option to the Our Products menu called "Macrabands (With a Watch)". There you will find an example of each of the watches we are offering. Simply select a watch to see how it looks on various Macrabands. Pick the combination you like, provide your wrist size and then add it to your cart. It couldn’t be easier!

We’ve also renamed the "Macraband Collections" menu item to "Macrabands (For Your Watch)", which works exactly as before but with a new option.  You will notice we added a link on each Macraband product page, right under the description text.  When clicked, it will show you every watch we have paired with that particular band.  Simply click the pairing you like, provide your wrist size and add it to your cart. Easy!

Purchasing a Second Macraband for a Watch

If you’ve settled on a particular watch but are torn between two or more Macrabands, please check out our FAQHow can I purchase an additional Macraband for a band/watch combination you are offering? There you will find the precise measurements for each watch.

We hope you enjoy browsing the hundreds of beautiful Macraband/watch combinations.